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Healthy Choc Chip Cookies

When it comes to sitting down with a nice hot cup of tea and your favourite sweet treat, you really can’t go past the humble cookie. Growing up, one of my favourite past times was visiting my Grandad and Great-Grandad who lived on the same farm as us and having a cup of milky white tea with one (or five) scotch finger biscuits. No matter how many times I ate them, I would ALWAYS forget which way to break them and usually end up with many pieces instead of two nice scotch fingers (and with most of it at the…

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Paleo and Vegan Pizza Dough Recipe

If there is one meal I could not live without it would be pizza. No really, my life would not be complete. Whilst my Italian genes were happy to let go of egg and durum wheat pasta, it would not allow pizza to disappear from my life. This of course presented a conundrum for me, as I no longer ate wheat flour – which is crucial to make a traditional roll-able pizza dough. Naturally I hit the internet to find some ‘paleo’ pizza base recipes, and although I found and tried many, I just found the whole ‘wet’ mixture…

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Dairy Free Sweet Potato Bake

I’m pretty sure I could eat sweet potato every day and never get sick of it. Who’s with me? Back in the day (i.e. before I stopped eating foods that don’t agree with me), potato bake was a bit of a staple for dinner or the weekend BBQ. In my ever continuing mission to recreate those meals I loved with ingredients I eat now, potato bake was next on my hit list! Of course it was a no brainer – I could swap the potato for sweet potato… tick! But what about the creamy and crunchy goodness that dairy cream…

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Easy Paleo Banana Cake

I’m am fairly sure that banana cake was the very first recipe I ever learnt to make growing up. I remember the recipe well because my mum cut it out of some old magazine and pasted into her own recipe book full of treasured recipes she’d picked up from here and there.

The first great thing about banana cake is that, well, it has banana in it and bananananananana is DELICIOUS! The second great thing about banana cake is the smell when you are baking it. Oh.. My.. Goodness! If only I had smell-a-vision so I could leave the scent…

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Cauliflower Fried Rice

Growing up, on the odd occasion we had takeaway it would usually be Chinese. As a child I could never work out why I always got so full, so quickly – although this never stopped me from completely gorging myself just so I could eat some of everything! Of course, as an adult I fully understood that it was the rice that was making me feel so full. These days with the exit of grains from my diet, cauliflower has made an excellent substitution for the ‘ole traditional starchy white rice. Not only it is WAY easier and quicker…

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Easy Roast Chicken with Vegetables & Caramelised Leeks

Never again will I let anyone tell me that cooking a roast is hard! If you’ve read my Easy Slow Roast Lamb blog post then you’ll know that I used to be really daunted by the task of roasting a piece of meat – but not anymore. My ideal type of meal is one that is cooked in one pot or pan, is easy to prepare, requires minimal fuss while cooking and tastes DELICIOUS! So if you love meals like this too then you’ll love this roast chicken recipe.

My favourite part of the humble roast chook is the…

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Dairy Free Raw Strawberry & Lemon Cheesecake

My number one favourite dessert before changing my eating habits was creme brulee, which is VERY hard to recreate when you don’t eat dairy or refined sugar (although I am certainly not scrubbing it off my ‘to do’ list just yet). SO! I decided to try and recreate my second favourite dessert, which is cheesecake! I have loved cheesecake for as long as I can remember. For me it wasn’t only the delicious taste of it, it was the texture. Something about the combination of the super smooth cream cheese filling and crumbly base really made me fall in love with…

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Gluten Free Apple & Blueberry Muffins

My favourite recipes are those that allow substitution of ingredients. Why you may ask? Well it’s these type of recipes that allow you to use up things that you already have in your fridge, freezer or pantry rather than heading to the shops to buy more. It also allows you to get creative with flavour combinations – and trust me, some fantastic recipe have come out of this process!!

When I think of muffins, I instantly think of blueberries and apples. It’s rare that you find a cafe or bakery that sells muffins without at least one of these flavours up for sale….

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Sweet Potato Shepherds Pie

Shepherds Pie! Another childhood favourite and in perfect time for the cooler weather that has started to hang around. Shepherds pie originally came from Scotland, and the meat was usually leftovers from other meals such as a roast or a stew with white potato mash on top. Traditionally it is meant to be made with lamb mince, while cottage pie is made with beef – however I grew up with shepherds pie being full of beef so I’m sticking to that!

This has to hands down be one of the easiest and hearty meals out there… and this version is…

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Yummy Moist Paleo Chocolate Cake (gluten, dairy & refined sugar free)

Growing up my dad was a pastry cook and decorated beautiful wedding cakes. I used to be so fascinated by all the time that went into them and just thought my dad was so talented (he still is very talented!). Naturally, this love of baking and cake decorating rubbed off on me. Over the past 10 years I have decorated lots of cakes for my amazing friends and family, cakes that tasted amazing but were full of ingredients that I no longer eat like dairy, gluten, grain and of course, refined sugars! This now presents me with a problem…

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