Sometimes I come across websites or products that are just too good to keep to myself! The resources you see here are tools that I have used (and still use) to help guide me on this wonderful journey of self nourishment. I hope you get as much out of them as I have.

V x

The Merrymaker Sisters


Emma and Carla Papas are The Merrymaker Sisters, and their mission is to make life merry! Their website is full of yummy clean eating recipes, informative healthy living blog posts and inspirational podcasts to make you happy, healthy and “live your best life”!

Quirky Cooking


Jo Whitton is a home schooling mum, food blogger, speaker and best-selling author of an allergy friendly Thermomix cookbook. Her blog Quirky Cooking is a vibrant community where you can learn to cook healing, real-food recipes, as well as find ways to improve your family’s health and well-being naturally.

Her passion for supporting families through nurturing and healing foods, lead her to develop her program ‘Quirky Cooking for Gut Health” a program and recipe book for those needing help with cooking for gut health.